San Diego Bridal Bazaar

The next place to see a Mobile Photo Booth in public is at the Bridal Bazaar in  San Diego, at the Convention Center on the 31st of January.  We are looking forward to it!


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Loca for LOCAL

Farmer's market goods

A peek inside my basket from the farmer's market

What should you consider when renting a Photo Booth?  The quality of the photo strips, the Photo Booth itself,  and customer service are all things that you would likely compare.  I am going to ask you to also consider renting LOCAL.  Some Photo Booth companies offer nationwide delivery of their booths, but is this practice good for our environment or your local community?  By renting from a local company, you are keeping your dollars in your community, supporting a small business, and saving precious carbon emissions from adding to the degradation of our planet.

So, what exactly does this have to do with oranges and fuerte avocados?  It’s Thursday morning, and if you know me, you know that I’ll be at the Farmer’s market in Oceanside picking up the most delicious & fresh produce that San Diego has to offer.  Supporting local farmers and local businesses is at the core of what I believe to be important.  I do believe that you vote with your dollar, and as I go out to vote for my favorite organic farmers to stay in business, I ask you to consider adding “keep it local” to your list of qualifications when choosing vendors for your event.

A few fantastic sites regarding food are:

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Pick of the week!

bride & groom
In preparation for the upcoming Bridal Spectacular this Sunday, I’m looking over all of the best of the best bridal booth strips we have- and loving my job.

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What’s not to love about this?  One of my favorite Mobile Photo Booth strips of all time.  I love the way she uses her veil!

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Everyone loves a fair!

I am really looking forward to the Bridal Spectacular at the Sheraton Carlsbad on Sunday the 10th.  Ever since I was 3, poring over a wedding cake decorating book at my grandma’s house, I’ve been hooked on weddings.   I can’t wait to meet some amazing wedding professionals here in Southern California and to show off our gorgeous Photo Booth!

Here’s your chance to see the booth in action-and leave with a photo strip of your own, of course!

Sunday,  Jan 10th 11-4

As an aside, I work part time at this resort and have seen some of the most BEAUTIFUL reception sites ever.  If I had pictures of our owner’s daughter’s wedding reception, I would share them- it was straight out of InStyle Weddings and you could smell the flowers from 100 feet away!

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