The Great Mustachio Giveaway

I’m giving away a Pair of super fun Mustachio Sticks. (see my picture to the right)  A perfect prop for any photo, surprising your neighbor, or going undercover last minute.  I’ll even let you choose the style.  English?  Handlebar?  These are SO cute when used by a Bride & Groom, and kids of all ages love them.

How do I enter? SIMPLE!  Get one entry by commenting on this post, letting me know where you would use a Mustachio Stick.   Do you have a Mobile Photo Booth rented for an upcoming event?  Use them while Skyping with Grandma?  (we’ve done that, it’s hilarious) Gain one entry with your comment…Gain 2 extra entries if you post a link to this on your blog or on your Facebook (leave another comment with the link!)   Contest open to U.S. residents.  Good Luck!  Contest ends Feb 1st.


January 19, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Amy Jones replied:

    I would keep them in my giant purse and pull them out at random! In line for a ride at Disneyland, at holiday events and family dinners, and for sure in my wedding photos!

  2. Brennan replied:

    Go photo booth! I love the mustaches!

  3. Jodi replied:

    Id use it with my dog, he LOVES to play dress up!!

  4. Katelyn Chamberlin replied:

    I want to rock a mustache at the event next Saturday. Possibly have some of the models in the fashion show use it…? Maybe some handlebars? Or like a Charlie Chaplin mustache? I don’t know, but I definitely know I am down with the stache!

  5. Kraig Ward replied:

    Hey Hey…

    I really really love what you and Cisco are doing with this Mobile Photo Booth concept! (mustaches too!)

    It’s going to rock So Cal and beyond!

    Mobile Photo Booth’s provide such an incredible way to bring people together in a totally unique way, and I can speak from experience that when guests leave a party or event where a Mobile Photo Booth has been set up, they will be talking about it and laughing with their friends for a long long time (months sometimes maybe even years!).

    You both put so much heart, commitment and dedication into everything you do. I’m SOO stoked to be a part of your crew!


    • Christina replied:

      🙂 Thanks Kraig!

  6. tevy replied:

    i would’ve worn it on my 30th birthday had i a stache-on-a-stick 😉 miss you!

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